Who We Are

The Foundation is the charitable arm of the Pritchard Investment Trust and the Entelect Group of Companies, which includes charity-owned spin-off companies, MyActive Online and ServeSA Trading.

When Entelect was founded in 2001 by Charles Pritchard, his vision was for Entelect to be the world’s best software engineering company but, equally importantly, he wanted to use these blessings to help to uplift those in need – in particular, the destitute and marginalised. By the grace of God, as the Entelect Group of companies grew, so too did The Foundation. In the early years, The Foundation primarily offered financial and educational support to those in need. Feeding schemes were started soon after, and the first shelter home was opened in 2014. Today, The Foundation funds and operates rehabilitation and shelter homes for men, women and children; home schools; counselling and prayer support centres; skills training centres; feeding schemes and farming initiatives to help with the feeding of local communities in need. The Foundation’s not-for-profit operational entities under which these initiatives take place are the Light of Hope Homes and Schools, ServeSA Communities and the Alpha and Omega Mission. The Foundation also partners with various other charities that are doing good work in their communities and offers educational or social support grants to those in need.

Our motto has always been “you cannot outsource love” so, wherever possible, we offer not only financial assistance but on the ground support too: housing, feeding, educating and uplifting those who are in need.

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The Foundation's Light of Hope Homes in South Africa have become home clusters, where men, women and children live in separate homes but form part of the same programme. Each person who is housed in a Light of Hope Home, be it through a loss of shelter, unemployment, abandonment, addiction or any other affliction in their lives, is treated with kindness and compassion in a loving and nurturing environment. All are encouraged to better themselves and to do this, we focus on spiritual growth in Christ's love, schooling, education, skills development, community engagement and workplace projects to help with the facilitation of long-term employment opportunities for our beneficiaries.





Since 2012 we have been helping with the provision of food to those in need in our neghbouring communities, be it on the streets, through soup kitchens, the distribution of food hampers or food vouchers. Our Light of Hope Homes' beneficiaries also get involved in packing, preparing and serving food to the larger community. When we deliver hampers and set up soup kitchens, we also use these opportunities to hand out books published by the Alpha and Omega Mission to teach people God’s way and to create an opportunity for them to seek further support through The Foundation.

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The Foundation’s Light of Hope Homes and Schools host a variety of education programmes. We run our own nursery and home schools for the young children, while the older ones in our care attend local high schools. Where applicable, school leavers are also sponsored for their tertiary studies. The adults in our homes attend basic computer literacy courses and other skills-development programmes. They also participate in various community-development projects. An ongoing educational theme that brings much healing to all is the promotion of God's love, sacrificial love, which includes ongoing counselling, prayers and teachings in partnership with the Alpha and Omega Mission.





Where we can, The Foundation is there to give a helping hand to those who are experiencing financial or other difficulties in their lives. We offer assistance in the form of study grants, social support grants, mentorship or counselling and prayer support.