Education is the lifeblood of any society. We make an effort to educate all our Light of Hope Homes beneficiaries in basic life skills and workplace skills training but most importantly, we help them to love God first and foremost and to love others as themselves. By putting God first in our lives, we are more easily able to fulfil our purpose on this earth.


In 2016, we opened our foundation head office in Wendywood. Together with volunteers from the Alpha and Omega Mission, we assist approximately 50 people a week with one-on-one counselling, prayers and support. No matter what the affliction, be it depression, loss of income, family feuds, sickness, suicidal tendencies, trauma from violence and abuse, insecurities, addictions or hopelessness, we are there to help. We have a very high success rate helping people to overcome their afflictions. The reason for this is that we teach our beneficiaries the living Word of God and also live by his way in our homes. Those who embrace the way of Jesus Christ, in his love, acquire the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit that have been promised to all. These include understanding, wisdom, knowledge, charity, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, long-suffering, mildness, faith, modesty, self-restraint and chastity. Armed with God’s love, understanding and peace in our hearts, life becomes easier to manage, no matter what obstacles we encounter along the way.


The Foundation offers a complete educational solution, from nursery school to tertiary education support. Our home schooling environment at the Light of Hope Homes, run by a competent team of qualified teachers, focusses on the spiritual, social and emotional development of the children, as well the development of their literacy skills. All the relevant subjects as per the National CAPS curriculum are taught, making our learners' transition into mainstream high schools easy. At the end of each term, children are given progress reports so that we can keep a record of their progress and achievements. The youth under our care also have the added benefit of learning the teachings of Jesus Christ, coupled with daily prayers and spiritual support by loving and nurturing teachers and guardians. We have found that by following this programme, young children who come from the most abused and neglected backgrounds quickly find their peace and joy in our homes.


The Foundation offers various training programmes at the Light of Hope Homes, in particular through ServeSA, which offers daily ICT training towards an SAQA, NQF Level 3, course in end user computing. This course covers word processing, spreadsheet, email and Internet search skills, and basic mathematics and communication skills. Trade courses are also on offer, which include tree felling, welding, sewing, and arts and crafts. Some of the more academically inclined students under our care attend formal tertiary studies. Community work is also viewed as training at the homes as it helps to build a strong work ethic within participants. Other areas of work that some of our beneficiaries are involved in include cooking and baking, running feeding schemes, gardening and cleaning projects, repairing potholes, property maintenance projects and knitting and distributing blankets to the poor. Partner companies also offer employment opportunities to some of our beneficiaries. On a more physical front, early morning fitness training is also encouraged, in particular in the men's homes, so too are walks to prayer group meetings and Catholic Church services.

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