In 2014, we purchased our first Light of Hope Home in the Johannesburg area. What started off as a lightly managed environment for our beneficiaires, over time evolved into a more formalised programme of daily tasks, responsibilities, prayers, teachings and upliftment activities for the home occupants. The results thereof were significant and the true light of hope started to shine through our beneficiaries, many of whom have acquired the peace of Christ in their hearts and are now making a difference in the communities that they have moved on to serve.

Gauteng Homes and Schools

Our Johannesburg Light of Hope Homes consist of five homes for men, women and children. Included there are home school classrooms for up to 40 children and an assembly facility that can seat up to 320 people for group teachings and healing seminars for the extended community. The five homes can collectively accommodate approximately 100 people. A sixth home is also based in Johannesburg, which offers counselling and prayer support to hundreds of people every month in partnership with the Alpha and Omega Mission.

Northern Cape Projects

In 2019, The Foundation began building a new Light of Hope Home in Noupoort on a plot that initially formed part of the Amazing Grace Retreat Centre. The home is made up of five buildings and the plan is for it to accommodate approximately 50 people and support various subsistence farming initiatives. In 2020, we bought a neighbouring property, which was renovated to house approximately 40 people. This home hosts a teaching facility for the local community and a tunnel farming project is in progress to help feed those in need.

Looking into Africa

One of The Foundation’s objectives is to spread the Light of Hope Homes into other countries. In October 2019, we joined the Alpha and Omega Mission at a healing seminar it conducted in Malawi. This was at the request of The Sparkle Foundation with whom we are in talks to help to spread our homes into other African countries. We have also had requests from priests and volunteers who have been assisting our homes' beneficiaries to spread the homes into Zimbabwe and Mozambique, which no doubt will come to fruition in the near future.

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